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With nearly forty years of unparalleled client service to individuals and business in and around the greater Birmingham area, The Odum Law Firm has developed lasting relationships with satisfied clients across Alabama and the southeastern United States.

Whatever your legal issues may be, you need an experienced, creative, resourceful attorney at your side to help you resolve those issues as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. While The Odum Law Firm can provide exceptional legal counsel in nearly any circumstance, we specialize in the following areas of practice:

Family Law


Divorce can be one of the most challenging times in our life, even when the break-up is amicable. You are in the thick of it all and emotions run high. In times like this it is difficult to know what steps to take and how to best protect yourself, as the divorce process can be extremely complex.

The Odum Law Firm’s knowledge and experience can help you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final divorce decree, and beyond.

Property Division

Your post-divorce financial picture is critically dependent on what property or assets you obtain in your divorce. It is therefore vital to have an attorney familiar with the division of complex marital estates to ensure your interests are protected.

The Odum Law Firm has considerable experience in complex property division cases. Couples battling over sentimental items — photo albums, pets and heirlooms — often overlook their larger financial picture. The Odum Law Firm brings those issues to the forefront so that no client is treated unfairly in the equitable division of property.

Child Custody

The Odum Law Firm shares your concern for the well-being of your children. The decisions made in a divorce and the parents’ and attorneys’ conduct during the proceedings can have a lifelong emotional impact on a child.
Whenever possible, it’s encouraged that both parties seek an amicable resolution of child custody disputes, however, The Odum Law Firm warns clients to never assume that the other party will “play nice” or keep the children’s best interests in mind.
When the battle for custodial rights is tough, The Odum Law Firm vigorously defends your rights and protects your children’s interests. Through strong advocacy, we aim for reasonable agreements that prevent future conflict.
Child Support

Whether you are looking to establish an initial child support order or needing to modify or enforce an existing one, The Odum Law Firm can help you navigate this complex issue. Child support is most often based upon the Alabama Child Support Guidelines, however, the amount of the child support to be paid may be more or less than this amount if it would be in the children’s best interests.

The Odum Law Firm has over 37 years of experience helping people determine if they are qualified for alimony. We can assess your situation and work alimony into your divorce settlement or, when necessary, fight for support in a trial setting.
Protection From Abuse

Domestic violence is a serious problem that the courts attempt to correct with strong legal remedies. If you have been or are afraid you will be a victim of domestic violence, the law can help protect you and your children.
With over 37 years experience helping people in Birmingham with family law problems, The Odum Law Firm knows the judges, magistrates and procedures in the city and surrounding counties. We can help you get through this situation with minimum stress and maximum success.

Criminal Law

All Felonies

A federal crime is an extremely serious offense in Alabama that requires the care and personal attentiveness that The Odum Law Firm can offer. If you are looking at a possible conviction for a federal crime, you could be sentenced to life in a federal prison. Our firm will work to put together a strong defense to achieve the best possible outcome for your unique federal crimes case.

A DUI offense is considered a misdemeanor charge and can result in jail time, license suspension, and points on your driving record, fines, counseling and probation. At The Odum Law Firm, we will fight for you and are determined to keep you out of jail. We will look at the facts surrounding your DUI charge and will question the allegations against you. Our firm will challenge any field sobriety tests administered and will use our experience and knowledge of Alabama DUI laws to obtain the best possible outcome for you.
Drug Related Offenses

Have you been accused of a drug crime in Alabama? If so, in order to protect your rights it is important to consult a qualified attorney as soon as possible. At The Odum Law Firm, we’re experts in the field of criminal law. We have over 37 years of experience as professional lawyers in the state of Alabama, and offer representation to people throughout the greater Birmingham area in all aspects of complex drug crimes cases.
Appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeals

Not satisfied with the results of your trial? Perhaps you should’ve come to us first. We will be glad to research the record and proceed to the next stop in Montgomery with your case.
Expungement of Criminal Records

This is one of the newest areas of law in Alabama. The legislature has made it clear that this is not for convictions, but is for cases and clients who were either found not guilty, or have successfully completed a defered prosecution program, such as drug court. Should you desire to wipe your slate clean, Mr. Odum is able to assist you.
Driver’s License Appeals

Is your license suspenced for any reason- from accidents, points, or failure to appear? We can help, and do so every day for many people.

Probate Law


An adoption is a legal arrangement where parental rights are transferred from the natural or birth parents to the adoptive parents. An adoption lawyer is imperative in this process. The adoptive parents then become legally responsible for the child they adopt and they obtain all legal parental rights with regard to the child, as if the child were biologically born to them.
Welcoming a new member into the family via adoption is an exciting time for families. However, the adoption process can be challenging and confusing. The Odum Law Firm can help you and your family members with the legal adoptions of both children and adults. If you want to adopt a child, we can help make that dream a reality. We will provide you the information necessary to determine if you meet the Alabama Family Code requirements for an adoption and help you formalize your new family structure.

Estate planning and estate administration are important matters that every family needs to understand. Good estate planning is critical because it enables you to make sound financial and health care choices and protect your family from future problems. Probate and estate administration resolves issues and answers questions that need to be dealt with in the present.
The Odum Law Firm is highly skilled in both aspects of estate law. We can help you and your family gain peace of mind through proactive planning and careful resolution of all types of estate matters after a loved one has passed away.
Power of Attorneys

A Power of Attorney, or POA, is a legal document that acts as written authorization for someone to perform specific acts or make decisions on your behalf. The person you nominate in your Power of Attorney (your agent or attorney-in-fact) can do many things. Depending on how the document is drafted, it can be used to do almost anything you could do yourself – it simply gives another person the power to do it for you in case you are incapacitated or become incompetent. This includes simple things like paying bills, writing checks or discussing a prescription change with your doctor, to complex matters like selling your house, buying stock, or terminating life support.
Whether it be a General Durable, Springing, Specific/Limited, or even Healthcare Power of Attorney, The Odum Law Firm can help you identify and draft the ideal Power of Attorney to suit your needs.
Last Will & Testaments

A will is a fundamental estate planning tool that allows you to decide how your assets will be distributed after your death. Regardless of whether you have considerable assets or you feel like you have nothing, having an up-to-date will is extremely important. If you don’t make certain choices in writing, others will have to make them for you after you pass away, and the outcome may prove to be troublesome or disappointing for your loved ones.
At The Odum Law Firm, we will take the time to understand your personal finances, your family’s needs and your health care preferences in helping you prepare or update your will as part of your estate plan. The purpose of the plan is to make sure that important family needs are met, and that your choices are honored in the future, leaving no room for unpleasant surprises.

Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 helps those of modest means who, after paying their monthly living expenses, have no money left to repay debts. While Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not enable you to restructure secured debt, catch up on past-due payments, or taxes, there is no repayment plan and your personal liability on most credit card debt is discharged, providing you with a clean slate. Contact The Odum Law Firm today to discuss the possibility of filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option for people to block foreclosures and vehicle repossessions, stop wage garnishments and IRS levies, and reduce and restructure their debts. Under this bill consolidation approach, debts are repaid over three to five years, enabling you to catch up on house payments, child support, taxes, and other debts. Contact The Odum Law Firm today to discuss the possibility of filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Automobile Law

Poor Workmanship

Not satisfied with the quality of repairs to your vehicle? Give us a call.
Mechanical Defects

Cases involving automotive mechanical defects are often complex and challenging, with a number of possible defendants and courses of action. Accordingly, it is important to consult with an attorney who understands the wide array of legal issues involved and has the experience necessary to pursue your product liability claim.
At The Odum Law Firm, we focus on representing accidents and injury victims and, as such, have extensive experience handling cases involving negligent automotive manufacturers and defective products.
Breach of Warranty

Breach of warranty applies when the manufacturer or dealer fails to comply with a written or implied warranty that the vehicle will be safe and free from defects. Contact The Odum Law Firm today if you believe you’ve experienced a Breach of Warranty from an automotive manufacturer.

Product liability is a legal theory that holds manufacturers, designers, retailers, wholesalers, marketers, and anyone along the supply chain liable for dangerous or defective products. Accordingly, auto makers, engineers, and dealers can be liable for auto defects.
A key point in Theories of product liability include Negligence, which occurs when the defendant knew or should have known of the vehicle’s defect, but failed to take the appropriate steps to protect the public. Contact The Odum Law Firm today if you believe you’ve been subjected to an automotive manufacturer’s negligence.
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorists have an obligation to obey all traffic laws and to exercise caution when driving, as operating a motor vehicle is a great responsibility. A slight lapse in judgment or a moment of inattention behind the wheel of a car can produce tragic results. Unfortunately, many motorists exhibit a wanton disregard for the safety of other motorists by driving recklessly and negligently. Motor vehicle accidents cause injuries to a large number of Alabamians every year.
If it can be shown that you or a loved one was injured as a result of another party’s wanton negligence and reckless actions, you can obtain financial compensation for damages. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to obtain financial compensation for medical costs, rehabilitation costs, loss of wages (including future wages), and pain and suffering. If a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident, The Odum Law Firm can help your family recover funds for medical costs, funeral costs, loss of income, and the emotional anguish associated with injury to or loss of a family member.

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